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QDOSE – The universal dosimetry solution allowing to maximize:

  • safety
  • efficacy
  • productivity

Internal radiation therapy made easy.


As a clinical research organisation specialising in nuclear medicine, ABX-CRO strives to advance molecular radiotherapy and molecular imaging for the benefit of mankind. In our clinical trials, we often face challenges calling for new tools and approaches. We reach out for innovative solutions helping to establish IRT as a widely used oncological treatment modality of the future. The QDOSE software came to existence in this very manner. The experience of numerous clinical trials drove the design of this software to incorporate all functions within one stand-alone system. It has a fully integrated workflow, validated planar, hybrid and volumetric methodology and advanced output functionality. It was created to serve the needs of our own staff dealing with day-to-day clinical issues and is validated extensively for use in our clinical trials.

QDOSE is there to assist and make life just that little bit easier.